One Body: September 2000

The unity of the Church is an article of faith; a gift of the Holy Spirit. Happy are we when we recognize that unity across the centuries, through denominational and cultural barriers, or in the midst of our present personal struggles. Jesus knows his own.

OUR USED BOOKS ON PRAYER are now listed on and on our web page Going at present rate, we ought to have all our books listed by the beginning of the next millennium

Special Family Camp Edition August 2000

Prayer was the theme of this year's Family Camp and the hottest selling book was EXPERIENCING THE DEPTHS OF JESUS CHRIST $8.95. Written in the late 1600's the book was publicly burned, with author Jeanne Guyon denounced as a heretic and imprisoned in Bastille. Here's the original title: SHORT AND VERY EASY METHOD OF PRAYER; WHICH ALL CAN PRACTICE WITH GREATEST FACILITY AND ARRIVE IN A SHORT TIME, BY ITS MEANS, AT A HIGH DEGREE OF PERFECTION.

Under the wire: July Newsletter

Robert and I went from bookstore to library, lured by the Summer Reading Program and its promise of earning ducats. While he gathered up THE SPOOKSTERS HANDBOOK and PIRATES, I wandered aimlessly, picking up an antique price guide for Marc, who is unloading my mother's storage unit, and John Irving's CIDER HOUSE RULES for myself. "Just what I need, another book," I muttered darkly at the check-out counter.

Remembrance - June 2000 Newsletter

The Word Shop continues to be an oasis of peace in the midst of a bustling world, an open door, a place to discover great saints and funny ducks...all beloved of God. In order to maintain our already odd hours, we need 7 weekly volunteers, most doing three hour shifts. We currently have 5 of us with various staff members traipsing about the country, tending children out of school, or just plain goofing off.

A Novel Idea - May Newsletter

SIMON'S NIGHT is a simple, beautiful novel (as the book jacket proclaims) by Jon Hassler that I discovered on our Steals & Deals shelf ($1 Cloth 50¢ Paper). It almost went into the free box, but I got interested in this tale of a retired English professor who decided to check himself into a private rest home. Here's a quote:

Packing: May 2011

I read...somewhere...about a couple of guys traveling (Africa? South America? Himalayas?) who thought they'd impress the natives by showing off their techno-cool camping gear. There was a long silence as they pulled item after item out of their back packs for display. Finally one of the natives commented to another, "They must have committed many sins to be carrying such large burdens."

Lion Around: August 2011

I told Michael that I found it odd when friends get manicures or pedicures as a special treat, in order to feel pampered. The idea of someone mucking with my hands or feet in a smelly environment sounds more like torture to me. Michael asked, "What makes you feel pampered?"

"Going out to dinner, breakfast in bed, reading a great novel."

He's Back: July 2011

He's back. No, I didn't go with him. (Pause for eye-rolls from adventurous, go-anywhere types.) Frankly, I rather Serve-The-Lord from the comfort of my new swivel chair from Office Max, than go off to fight mosquitos and ants, heat and humidity in the jungles of Belize.

Back Again: June 2011

On Monday evening after returning from two and a half weeks at The Bishop's Ranch, I said to Michael, "Just how is it I do my life?" This was not only because I couldn't find the slot in the wall where you take your dishes after eating. I loved doing two services a day, enjoyed thinking about what was coming up and finding a song or something to add to the mix. Sitting in silence in the church before each service was a blessing. "How is it," I asked the Lord, "that you managed to give me a church?" I had wanted one for such a long time.

Sneak Preview: April 2011

Suddenly fed up with writing non-fiction, I offer you something different this month than my usual info-pinions. Here is a story written after I'd started our first creative Bible study, Making a Mark. It is part of the soon to be printed (please God) compilation of Word Shop Writings entitled, This is Terrible; The Writer's Lament.

Reading the quote below I was struck by a tone that seemed to assume everyone knew Alexander and Rufus. As I wondered about Simon's two sons the story emerged--with a surprising Oaky flavor.

The Dance: March 2011

A complaint I often hear about liturgical churches is, "people just repeat all those prayers without even sounding like they mean it." This is true. I am perfectly capable of rattling off any number of prayers and creeds, all the while wondering if there will be any good cookies at coffee hour. I am equally capable of opening my Bible in the morning and reading the daily dose of scripture, while half my brain is bumping around possible ways to get my ipad on-line so I can take credit cards at an upcoming event.