Bad Boys in the Attic: October 2008

Stealthily, I am sneaking my ancient computer into the attic, aided and abetted by Barry's brawn. My 64K Morrow Micro Decision and its domestic partner, the daisy wheel printer, are being saved from the evil ThrowitOut Monster. After all, Great-Works encoded on floppy disks may someday be important. Yes, it still works. We checked. Ignoring years of snide remarks about computer graveyards, I ascend the upper reaches.

Oikos: February 2009

In Plain Living: a Quaker Path to Simplicity by Catherine Whitmire, I discovered that the Greek root of the word, Economy, is oikos--which means household. Usually when someone references The Economy, they are not talking about a household. Instead they are referring to a monolithic numbers game that exists somewhere out beyond cyberspace; a gargantuan, convoluted leviathan totally out of the control of any particular person or family.