Symposium on Prayer

The nice thing about books on Prayer is that — unlike sermons or videos that drag you relentlessly on — if you feel a stirring within, you can stop, wonder, think and pray. Then, when you realize you are now only contemplating what you’ll have for dinner, you can resume reading where you left off. A lovely way to spend time with the Lord.

The Word Shop is sponsoring a Symposium on Prayer at Treasures Roadhouse, a new music rehearsal and performance studio in Corralitos. Come explore different approaches to prayer with several speakers and musicians. The $5 requested donation will help cover expenses and give you a free choice from a table loaded with books on Prayer.

Sunday, March 9 from 4 - 5:30
by the Five Mile House, 2908 Freedom Blvd.

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P.S. We had a great time at the Prayer Syposium and we still have a few books on Prayer left to give away. Next time you're in the store, ask to peek into our Great Give-away box of books.