Dazed and Confused: July 2014

So many different ways to publish. What's a writer to do?

There are, for example, my *In the Spirit* columns in the Sentinel. Here's July's:

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

Two campfires in as many weeks. We sing with lips sticky from s'mores, a multi-generational crowd searching for songs in common. Little children bounce around in the dark, cherubs with glow-stick halos. In Big Sur, we sing popular songs: Beatles, James Taylor, The Eagles, and some song about a skateboarder not being good enough for her, which the 20-something girls know every word to. . . More

And then there is the little piece I published on Linked-In:

Rivers to Do

Saturday morning. Big Sur Camping and Crawdad Society kicked off with a rousing 38 people last night. Another 20 or so are expected today. I am settled at the lower, quieter, shady beach with The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce in my lap. So far I’ve read the first sentence 4 times. It’s a good first sentence. . . More

So should I post these on my web? Links? Whole content? And why wasn't there a newsletter for July?


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