Stories for Worship

These stories bring a wonderful enrichment to worship services. They all center on Jesus, who is cloaked in the story, but revealed in the hearts of the hearers. Each story runs from five to ten minutes. They have been performed in churches throughout California for regular weekly services, retreats and special events.


Especially appropriate for Lent & Easter

THE TALE OF THREE TREES: a Russian folk tale about what three trees want to be when they grow up. One wants to be a treasure chest, one a mighty sailing ship, one a sign post to God. They become in turn a feed trough, a fishing dinghy and scrap lumber. Yet the presence of Christ transforms each into the fulfillment of their desire.

ALEXANDER BAR SIMON: "When dad came back from the city, he was changed...." A letter from Alexander about what happened in Simon the Cyrenian's family when he returned home after carrying the cross. Clothed in a midwestern/Kentucky milieu, the voice of Alexander, brother of Rufus, tells of the impact of the risen Christ.



Focus on Ministry

GOING FORTH: a prince is in love with a lowly peasant girl. Who can he send to help her learn the ways of the court so that she can become his bride? 1st Place Winner of the Hans Christian Anderson Sister City Contest.

TWO SMALL ROOMS: a man sent to the city is given only the instruction, "sweep the front stoop." He sweeps and he prays. Does his life make a difference?

CRACKED POTS: a parable from a healing ministry in England about two water pots taken daily to the village well. One returns home full, the other only half full. This story shows how God can turn our weaknesses into fruitfulness.



THE COMING KING: What happens when the King visits a small village? A story that brings the promise of His presence close to home.




"Whenever Alliee comes to tell us a story, we always feel like little children seated at the feet of the Master. Her stories are living parables spoken and almost sung with lyrical warmth and deep faith. Whether she tells of a "talking" pot who wonders whether its little bit of water does any good (and of course it does), or narrates a lovely Russian folk tale about three trees who dream of greatness only to be used by Christ in humble ways beyond their dreams, Alliee exalts us with visions of Gospel truth and touches us with the simple beauty of both the stories and her beautiful presentations." --Jeff Towle, Pastor, Good Shepherd Fellowship of S.C. County

"I have heard Alliee's presentation of THE TALE OF THREE TREES twice at Order of St. Luke programs. The second time tears started to well in my eyes before she even got to the powerful ending." --Pat Walworth

"It was a real treat to have Alliee with us in St. James' Church, Lindsay, California, to present THE TALE OF THREE TREES to our congregation during the Sunday morning worship. Her dramatically colorful rendition made a lasting impression, a genuine 'throat-clutcher.' We were also glad that she brought copies of this and other Christian books with her for parishioners to purchase. Alliee's own itinerant book fair is a great help to those living in semi-rural communities."--Philip Livingston, Retired Pastor.


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