Easter Sightings: April 2013

We had our own *passing through the locked door* experience at The Word Shop over Easter. I closed on Good Friday, leaving a note on the door that we would be closed through Monday April 1. Lillian and Krista held down the fort on Tuesday; I showed up for the First Tuesday Writers at 7:00.

The writers had a wonderful time crowded around the back room table. Terrie, who attended for the first time, wrote a charming piece about dropping off a couple bags of books and coming upon a stranger in the back room of the store, with no staff around. Cute.

"Good to let where you are at the moment leak into your writing," I pontificated after she read her exercise. Then as everyone left, I discovered a welter of notes on the desk . . . along with a check. It appeared a man had come in, taken a handful of books and left the check.

"A lady was here when I arrived," wrote Lillian. "She said the door was unlocked."

It turns out that Terrie really did drop off a couple bags of books, chatted with a man in the back room and left. Both of them assumed a staff member was around, probably had stepped out to buy some pizza. Lovely to have a self-serve bookstore during off hours. . . 

"I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library." -Jorge Luis Borges

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