Move em out - October 2000

The New Testament shelf is packed. Fact is, believers rarely come in and buy a paperback N.T. Oh, they may on occasion want an Amplified, J.B. Philips, or Message Bible to get the shading of a different version. Or some stray person might notice the Serendipity N.T. with its questions for group studies. But the stacks of NIV KJV Living NE TE and NAS tend to just sit.
Unbelievers don't buy them either. I don't think I've ever had an unbeliever come in and say, "I've just never read the N.T., so I thought I'd give it a shot."
So what are they for? I think they are for GIVING AWAY. Priced at less than a cup of coffee, a $1 N.T. could be batting around in your car to be given to anyone who shows a spark of interest. Are you going on a trip to a place where Bibles are scarce? For less than the price of lunch, you could take a handful of N.T.s to pass along. Cheaper by the dozen. Get the seed off the shelf and into the dirt.

MEANWHILE I've just had a HB and a PB version of Charles William's translation of the New Testament come in. What a flash! I didn't even know he DID a translation. I wonder if it's as spacey as his novels. (These will cost a bit MORE than a cup of coffee.)

WARNING: You are soon to be innudated by a daily e-mail entitled BookaDay. DON'T PANIC. This is only a TEST RUN of my latest Bright Idea. After 6 days, I'll take a rest. All feedback appreciated.

LEADERSHIP BOOKS are now listed on our website, There are also a few (more expensive) oddities listed there as well. Check it out. What book section would you like the flying fingers to tackle next? Missions? Healing? Biographies? Fiction? Evangelism? Home schooling? Men? Women? Marriage? Community?

I waved around THE WONDERFUL NAMES OF OUR WONDERFUL LORD at Family Camp last summer. Fr. George had brought us this book of 365 selections of Biblical names of God by Horton & Hurlbert. Several people expressed interest, but I snatched it up for myself. (Perks!) Now a pristine, Christian Library Edition has come into the store. $25 Newsletter special, first come first served.

HALLOWEEN POEM (©1993 Alliee DeArmond)
There was a time in years of old
When witches laughed and cats were bold
And bats and things that flew by night
Would squeal until we'd shake with fright.

But now we have what Christ has wrought
The battle won, the devil fought
And death will all its host must flee
For Christ has won the victory.

Alliee +