Lower Room Prayer

A seven week series on Personal Prayer will begin Tuesday, April 18 between 3:30 an 4:30 at The Word Shop. Participants will discuss a different avenue of prayer each week. 

Personal Prayer
Listening, Conversing, Being

April 18 Contemplative Prayer
  Names of God, Jesus Prayer, Scripture
April 25 Reading as Prayer
  Devotionals, Scripture, BCP Psalms, Books
May 2   Sensorial Imaginative Prayer
   Ignatian, Inner Healing, Drama
May 9   Intercession
   Pathways, Prayers that Avail, Light
May 16 Creative Prayer
  Writing, Art, Needs & Desires, Lists
May 23 Other People’s Prayers
   Ancient and Modern: Lord’s, Anime, Doyle
May 30 Thanksgiving and Praise
  Song, Dance, Music, Tongues