Illuminating Luke

Next Tuesday, December 5, from 1:00 - 2:30, we will begin another Illuminated Journaling course at The Word Shop. (Yes, I know it’s nuts to start a class in December, but we are going to do the Gospel of Luke, which begins with the birth Narratives.) Illuminating Luke will run for three Tuesdays before Christmas, skip a week, and then continue for a total of 8-Weeks. For more information, or to claim your place at the table, contact Alliee at

Illuminated Journaling is a way to interact creatively; opening hearts to the wind of the spirit and sharing the gifts we’ve received. Responding to a prompt, we spend a half hour to 40 minutes drawing, sketching, painting and/or writing fiction, poetry, drama, thoughts. Work from previous classes including Making a Mark, The John Journey, and The Church Series, are in the book, This is Terrible: a Writer’s Lament.